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Nirvahak Platform

Nirvahak, with its modular and flexible integrated platform facilitates clients with solutions that amplify function specifics as they grow.

Nirvahak Cloud

The recent advancement of cloud solutions has led us to innovate a Platform delivery model providing long-term support.

Nirvahak Mobile

Nirvahak Platform on mobile helps organizations to perform critical business operations on-the-go through a smart phone or tablet.

Nirvahak Dashboard

Nirvahak Dashboard is designed to give answers to key business questions. You would be able to access key information and make quick decisions.

Data Analytics

Empower business strategy with enhanced and intuitive data analytics
Maximize business results through value-driven data analytics

The ever-changing and evolving business environment today asks for agile strategies to rapidly adapt to new trends. Our suite provides an ultimate solution which empowers you to make wise business decisions.

Our suite, Nirvahak is the outcome of validations based on critical thinking of software industry’s hypothesis on processes, capabilities, and challenges. The autonomous nature of our suite safeguards and endows complete data security and integration seamlessly.

We transform complex business data into custom defined and user friendly information providing deep insights to facilitate leadership in key decision making. Its unbeatable dual design, both dynamic and flexible, ensures complete solution and suits to all business environments.

On-the-fly and interactive dashboards helps leadership to develop strategic roadmap leveraging business objectives.


Ascend to Cloud with Nirvahak

Boost Productivity

Our Cloud-enabled suite boosts productivity coherently.
Access your data anywhere and do more… faster. Regardless of the role and location, your employees can work efficiently by connecting, engaging, motivating, and collaborating.

Growth and Scalability

Harnesses inherent limitations augmenting growth and scalability.
Attain sustained growth of your organization with our suite which accommodates rapid scalability. Realize quick benefits of Cloud elevation deriving deep real-time insights from your data with the power of our suite.


Measurable and stable multi-tenancy model fosters location independence.
Innovate your workforce with our multi-tenancy suite which is readily available at infrastructure, platform, and application level. Instant deployment globally promises accessibility of new features in real-time.

Strategic Value

Calibrates strategic analysis with empirical validation.
Our integrated platform, characterized by a variety of pre-fabricated integrations, framework layers, and data models ensure less Cap-Ex. Our Cloud suite subdues upgrade costs and derives strategic value.


Outsmart competition with service excellence from anywhere.