June 17, 2015

About us

Company Description

It is easy to say It is impossible until someone proves you that it is possible and displays its existence. Creativity is to see something that does not exist. Today’s technology plays an important role in providing solutions to transcendental numbers in this volatile business environment, and we provide complete value-driven solutions to make quick and wise business decisions.

One of the important tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency; we are very much excited to work with you in this technosphere with our innovative tools, knowledge, and expertise in recognizing them to deliver yielding results, thus Redefining Business Innovation.

From a value perspective, TSB Corporation brings deep functional and technical capability through which you would be able to understand sales, marketing, and service capabilities to deliver business value through a comprehensive, risk-managed implementation to surpass your customer expectations for quality results.

Our first Product jPunadhi complete Ajax based framework .
Nirvahak 1.0 is a new age school management software.
Inhouse team for UI Design, Development Testing and Documentation.

Company History

TSB Corporation, a product development company, serving global clientele since about a decade, headquartered in Hyderabad, INDIA (Global Development Center), has its local presence in US, Malaysia, & Australia. We ascend businesses to rank in core competencies and drive them through sustainable growth and profitability. TSB Corporation has been leveraging its services through brand recognition in various fields of industry, including, but not limited to, Telecom, Finance, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, and Travel & Leisure.

The cornerstone of our decade old firm is to deliver true business value. Any firm can deliver an enterprise solutions; however, we deliver true “enterprise business capabilities” that encompass all important factors of process, such as change management, technology, training, project management, and organizational dexterity to optimize adoption of new capabilities.

Our Product "Nirvahak" is an open source platform where one can manage any data, anywhere, at any time. Nirvahak Platform is a unique big-data analytics platform built to rapidly create and deploy apps securely and seamlessly on cloud. We have built different products with emerging technology, such as Nirvahak Enterprise, Nirvahak Corporate, Nirvahak CRM, Nirvahak Mobile, & Nirvahak Dashboard.


We render our valuable services to organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to small, enlarging borders globally. Some of our clientele are NDS, Redpine Signals, Tomosys, Dialog, ColorZip, and Disney.


We do not use any third party applications that require any kind of licencing. We use all open source software.
Nirvahak is not open source application we own whole rights.

Facilities and Location(s)

We have world-class ambient Global Development Center in Cyber Gateway, HiTech City.
India Office: Cyber Gateway, Hyderabad. US office: Orlando, FL