June 19, 2015

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration and Testing

Whether you are building your private cloud or are planning to use public clouds, the critical success factor will be how capable your apps and middleware are in leveraging the benefits that these clouds promise.

Today cloud computing has become a common way of delivering services via the Internet. This cloud service can be accessed from anywhere on the web: your desktop web browser, mobile phone, tablet PC or even TV.

Before going ahead with Cloud migration, we try to assess on how to overcome your current user resistance to change from existing resource intensive systems to Cloud Service. We understand and outweigh all options with clarity and provide direction on migration after a careful consideration of sustainability, decommissioning, remediating, and consolidating.

We provide guideline for interoperability standards between functions and services of implementation systems and share best practices to effectively reduce complexity and pace-up the development providing deployment roadmap.

Our multitenant Cloud integration enables you to integrate cloud apps without on-premise solutions and helps organizations blend their business processes data in secure and reliable setting. Our deep integration model allows you to connect to all types of applications and improves communications between applications, though your applications may use different protocols.

You can access data instantly which enables you with productivity and efficiency and reduces maintenance costs and upgradation costs.

TSB offers the following advantages to cloud migration and testing initiatives

Reference architectures for application consolidation and re-architecture. Our expert team provides you with an ultimate architectural design for smooth functionality and operational efficiency.

Cloud Labs for conducting your pilots. Increase testing effectiveness without impediment costs. Decommission your Cloud Test labs after Testing as test labs in most of the organizations typically sit idle for longer periods, consuming capital, power and space.

Tool-based approach with proprietary tools such as our Code Analyzer Tool that gives you cloud migration impact analysis and remediation in minutes. It goes beyond the strengths of existing code analysis tools such as PMD, Check style, etc. and incorporates key rules for best practices in cloud-enabling applications

Testing frameworks such as Testmaker help you speed up the testing process significantly and provides a solution for your regression automation, performance and vulnerability testing needs