June 17, 2015

IT Consulting

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Application Development

TSB enhances the potential of applications in available budget and resources without affecting the business in any way to perform better. We work closely with you to develop your applications in order to minimize cost and maximize quality and flexibility.

We are proud of the solutions we provided to companies in various verticals, where we collaborated on multiple projects and delivered significant and recognized business value to those organizations. TSB Corp. delivers IT solutions to rationalize business operations, advance productivity standards, thus transforming business culture with quantifiable core business values.

Today, the maintenance costs to continue IT operations have significantly climbed up. We can help you to subdue these challenges and enhance application performance to meet and exceed core competencies.

Our approach and success in the marketplace has garnered us with numerous industry implementation opportunities in the world over the years. In addition, TSB Corp. is one of a few product development firms that you can rely on for exceptional capabilities to deliver solution to the most complex projects. Our clientele always vouch for our delivery success and credentials.

TSB Corp. has first-hand knowledge of your culture and environment, experience and deep insights into what it takes to get things done. Our well-known collaborative working style meshes well with your needs, and we are able to draw upon our successful relationships to help you drive true business value and earn your business.

Application Development tailored to your changing needs

We provide a delivery model which suits every organization’s unique needs according to organizational structure and size. We have significant experience in providing tailored tools and solutions to match organization’s specific situation.

We help you to apply technology to distinct business hindrances. With the use of latest technology combined with our expertise in functional and technical ability, we provide state-of-the-art application development on time with industry best practices.

We render and improve systems integration capability and deliver services to leverage prominent industrialized model and help organizations to deploy applications efficiently and effectively and direct towards high-gear performance.

Cost Reduction — Gain significant cost reduction in IT operating expenses. In the first place, we derive operational design defining strategic business value. Thus, by implementing design-build-run model, we integrate operating efficiency.
Efficiency — Provide business efficiency and continuity by ensuring system and data availability, performance, functionality, and integrity. Our team of developers spur high efficiency unveiling astonishing value to your esteemed customers with our augmented delivery approach by cracking the paradox of digital business.
Maximize ROI — Maximize return on investment by improving the performance of your application portfolio and strategic solution and tone down risk to meet your expected ROI.
Flexibility — Flex up or down as your business strategy and needs change. Effectively manage change and adoption across the organization to minimize disruption and accelerate value gained performance optimization.
Alignment — Manage service levels by aligning service delivery structure to organizational needs and business goals.

Facilitate innovation with use of Technology

At TSB Corporation, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. TSB Corporation uses Microsoft development technologies, Open Source technologies, and homegrown frameworks in the J2EE area to rapidly develop and deploy these web applications.

We will drive you through the current IT trends. We will work along with you and be there for you through the entire application portfolio lifecycle.

Organizations that are farsighted are looking forward to enlarge their borders in quest for uprising business standards competing with technosphere. However, to outsmart competition corroborating with technology including analytics, Big data, Cloud, social networks, and IoT (Internet of Things) is a challenge. We innovate and align organization-specific applications to engage with service focusing on core competencies of organization.

Agile Methodology

 The ever-evolving and fast-paced nature of information technology necessitates a flexible and adaptable working process. We have a solution that is an agile development methodology which gives excellent delivery process for early and on-going evaluation of quality and the creation of cutting-edge software application. Our highly-coordinated cross-functional teams release a working build every sprint to ensure that the project is never off track from deployment as it evolves. Our agile methodology allows us to deliver on time software products and applications that meet the needs of our clients and its users. 

Freewheel Between Agile and Waterfall

 TSB Corporation offers the best in both the worlds. Though the trend looks for the agility and innovation of new methods, initiatives are often dependent on traditional projects - longer-running, delivered via waterfall, and built upon existing technologies. We have mastered bridging the gap and to tailor accordingly based on our clients’ specific needs. 

Development Methodologies

 Waterfall, RUP, Scrum, XP 


 Java, .NET , C#, PHP, Perl, RubyP 


 Spring, Struts, Hibernate, NET.Hibernate, Teleri 

SOA Web Services

 SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WebMethods 


 Oracle, MS Sql Server, MySql, PostgreSQL 

Web & UI Technologies

 HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJs, GWT 

Maintenance and Support

In order to provide support for commercial grade products, software companies must create dedicated product support teams that can quickly respond to a customer's situation and deliver comprehensive product support solutions. TSB enables its clients to focus primarily on their core initiatives by providing reliable, high-quality product support and product maintenance services to their end customers.

Maintenance is a course of action for modulating a software system to accommodate to a changed environment and to advance performance, therefore, rectifying faults and errors. Thus, maintenance facilitates desired outcome of a particular organization. Support is a means of delivering value to clients and resolving and managing incidents and events in a function.

Traditionally, IT services providers have focused on high-burn transformational projects — bringing the best and brightest talent to bear, but with a hefty price tag attached. Within these projects, user experience and design work is usually delivered separately, via costly agency models. And when the project is completed and the new IT system is deployed and goes live, budget constraints then require ongoing development and maintenance activities to be turned over to a third-party provider, requiring a messy and risky transition effort.

This has led to growing demand in the marketplace for a unified, one-stop IT services experience, sustainable over the entire application lifecycle. TSB Corporation’s Maintenance and Support service offering is positioned to address these challenges.

For our IT clients, we offer a seamless, one stop shopping experience, combining the capabilities of our industry-leading IT development and maintenance over more than a decade of experience as a provider of application management services. Within the context of IT services delivery, we are unique in that we offer expertise in all the leading technologies, with services ranging through development and test. And with our leverage model, we are able to deliver these services at a price point far lower than those offered by traditional “pure” IT services agencies.

Business Challenges

Risk reduction, cost and time-to-market
We provide you with insights on proper project planning, managing development project costs and schedule estimates with controlled changes that minimize time-to-market risk, and make sure you emerge as a market leader.
Efficient maintenance of disparate applications and integration
With our consistent approach towards integration of disparate application, we work with you more closely and consistently on multiple platforms and technologies and provide you with a solution that IT responds effectively to new business environment.
Eliminate duplication, integration complexity and associated maintenance issues
We provide IT integration simplifying the technology environment and avoiding technology maintenance issues by value-driven and multi-dimensional approach.
Consistent support and reduced infrastructure complexity
Our data-driven analytic approach helps reduce costs as well as our sophisticated and uncomplicated result-oriented delivery model simplifies complexity.
Achieve flexible reuse and connectivity of core application assets and information
Our well documented modular, reliable, and flexible model helps you to develop robust multi-tier applications.
Increase competitive advantage and meet enterprise requirements
You can outsmart competition with our tools and services and meet core competencies of your organization in quick time.

Our Capabilities

  • 24×7 Onsite-Offshore Support model.
  • Turnkey support engagements with predefined SLAs.
  • Complete spectrum of services (Functional/Technical/DBA).
  • Preventive monitoring.
  • Covers Application Servers, Databases.
  • Performance management.
  • Work on customer schedules


  • Level II and III Product Support
  • Remote and on-site product support.
  • Reactive and proactive product support
  • Response time driven product support
  • Troubleshooting and continuing product maintenance
  • Maintenance and support for legacy application, software products, databases and data warehouses

Application Testing

TSB offers embedded or independent testing, for a single application or your entire IT system. Our spectrum of testing services is based on 4 cornerstones: life cycle model, organization, infrastructure and techniques.

We leverage resource knowledge and exceptional experience of TSB Corp. to resolve critical issues that are hindrance to growth. We will provide a combination of process efficiency and accountability to keep organizations on track in achieving specified and set milestones and enabling them to grow stronger with our collaboration and impact.

Testing web applications became vital to ensure excellent user experience without flaws. As there have been consistent changes being made to applications and websites, there has been a significant increase in the number of supported browsers, to resolve this it has become essential to use efficient testing tools to manage and test your web apps.

Internet has now entrenched in our lifestyle. Most significantly because of smartphones. Smartphones and mobile devices have changes how we have been interacting with the Internet and each other. Mobile apps are the dominant part of it, which have now engulfed businesses and organizations. So, it has become fundamental to have a reliable app which gives outstanding user experience. TSB Corporation helps you to achieve this with our expertise in thorough application testing in different OS, Devices, and Hardware.

This highly automated solution combines your in-house capabilities with our specialized testing expertise to:

Ensure the predictability of application performance through the use of industry standard testing methodology.
Implement better quality and development timeframes through reusable test cases and automation expertise.
Lower costs by leveraging economies of scale and skilled low-cost resources.
Provide a single point of responsibility for testing and governance of changes carried out by individual suppliers to a multi-supplier applications portfolio.

For companies that could benefit from aggregating testing across multiple business units, or already have a set of testing guidelines and processes, TSB can help you create a global testing center of excellence. This allows all applications to follow the same streamlined process, enabling you to maintain high quality.

Our testing professionals with experience and expertise in various verticals of industry help you to accelerate software product development. We understand your needs and align your user requirements with delivery capability. Our testing methodologies reduce the gap between your business and technology demands.

Our Service Offering

Interoperability Testing — The process of testing the compatibility of a software with other technology to provide seamless operations and functionality is known as Interoperability Testing. Our expert testing team provides interoperability testing ensuring seamless and purposeful performance.
Functionality Testing — Functionality testing is a testing process confirming the functional requirements of a software aligning with the business requirements. We are proficient in function-based, scenario-based, negative, and long-range testing.
Black Box and White Box Testing — Black Box testing is analyzing the functionality of a software against system mechanism confirming client specifications and validating frameworks and object components is called White Box testing. We provide both services seamlessly ensuring objectivity of a particular software.
Integration Testing — Detecting interface defects through verifying interaction between components using units of code is called Integration Testing. Through integration testing, we make sure the reliability and performance of a software.
Tool-based performance Testing — Our specialized tool-based performance testing focuses on specified performance requirements and offers high service excellence levels in short span.
Load Testing — Load testing, sometimes referred to as Longevity Testing, examines the behavior of a software in anticipated and unanticipated and intense load conditions.
Test Design and Automation — Automation testing is an accelerated test cycle methodology which ensure application development in quick time with minimum resource input.

Professional Consulting

TSB Corporation team works with the clients to meet the project objectives and helps them meet their business goals according to the planned budget and resources. We work closely with the clients to develop the business processes. We quickly adapt to the ongoing changes to the business plans.

When it comes to answering your business challenges, we have the potential to render answers and enable you to keep moving and make influential business decisions and attain sustainability. We help business growth by cost saving instantaneously leapfrogging profits and accelerating service excellence and transforming you into industry leader.

We commit ourselves for the purpose of providing the supreme quality, accurately organized, customized and innovative information technology solutions to contribute in client success with our key differentiators in increasing productivity through research, innovation, and expert consulting services.

To meet your business objectives with efficiency, we provide you with necessary and credible information to align the combination of technical expertise with result-oriented business know-hows. We not only evoke suggestions on amplifying the use of existing technology, but also enable you with autonomy of next-level technology. Thus, making your organization resilient by providing high-accurate and low-overhead model with optimization of technology in this volatile business environment.


At TSB Corporation, we specialize in developing and supporting robust, high-capacity client applications and information systems for organizations. TSB Corporation uses the leading development technology platforms to service the client needs. The Team users the Industry best practices for the development and implementation.

Augment your enterprise effectiveness with our Professional Consulting Services. The distinguishing characteristics of our company and expertise are professionalism and client-focused approach. Our extensive program management, design, and implementation experience is our most effective approach as we consistently rethink, refine, and improve the implementation process.

Facilitate innovation with use of Technology

At TSB Corporation, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. TSB Corporation uses Microsoft development technologies, Open Source technologies, and homegrown frameworks in the J2EE area to rapidly develop and deploy these web applications.

We assess gaps between your existing technology and align your requirements with industry standards and best practices. Our expertise in providing and implementing cost-effective controls and deliver you a unique business environment by maintaining business compliance in business assessments, remediation, consistent monitoring and reporting through our blended delivery model.

Development Methodologies

 ER data modeling, ETL business processes, Reporting, Applications administration, Performance tuning 

Business solutions

 SAS Business Intelligence suite of products, SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports 

Operating Platform

 UNIX(AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Windows Servers, Windows Clients, Redhat Linux 


 Teradata, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SAS SPDS