June 18, 2015

Nirvahak Corporate

Nirvahak brings an innovative approach to every part of the Data Management lifecycle, from dynamic data sources to visually rich apps to interactive dashboards and even a secure collaborative enterprise app.

Nirvahak tailors individualized solutions that match your core competencies. Nirvahak is a unified suite that integrates any application under a single interface with ease. If you are a growing business, the most common challenge you might be facing is customer service. With Nirvahak you can overcome this challenge way sooner than your competitors.

We understand and team up our expertise with your organizational goals and make your vision our common goal. We enable you in logical decision making to attain more ROI with great Service Excellence.

Delivering technology, while complex, is not the biggest challenge for any ERP providers. Unlocking true business value — through implementation requires a holistic approach well beyond implementing a system. Our proven Nirvahak tool charts the right course to obtain and track business value, and our Value Delivery Model provides the experienced-based approach and rigor to deliver yielding results.

Data Connectivity

Importing data successfully and modeling it correctly is the lifeblood of any data management system. Nirvahak provides a complete data loading and modeling API, allowing you to programmatically connect directly to your data sources—in SaaS apps, on-premises apps, databases or files, or via data integration tools. It’s flexible, and it’s designed to make it easy to get your data into Nirvahak, supporting the tooling you’ve already invested in.

Optimizing Performance — Nirvahak on Cloud enables performance optimization of applications and processes aligning with core business objectives. As the information is updated robustly, transparent and real-time reports can be obtained to fine tune processes to align with core business objectives. Embrace Nirvahak and effectively manage change and adoption across the organization to minimize disruption and accelerate value gained performance optimization.

Dashboards & Apps

Data is only valuable when it can be easily accessed and shared. That’s the reason why Nirvahak provides a wide variety of options for business decision makers to access their dashboards and analytics without bogging down IT with tickets. Our intuitive web interface makes customization and drill-down very easy and simple to users across your organization. Every report and dashboard can be easily embedded as a widget in practically any website or web app.

Our dashboards virtually meet any of your needs, design and interpret any data with our abundant set of predefined layouts. Create intuitive dashboards and view results instantly. Our dashboard suite provides real time analytics for quick decision making empowering the leadership to think out of the box through integration of multiple dynamic fields.

True visualization of Context — The biggest challenge organizations are facing is “What context should your dashboards display.” Creating understandable dashboards which provide the right and relevant information on influencing factors will engender your business efficiency by enabling you to make right decisions.

Today, most of the business dashboards fail to provide meaningful insights and actionable intelligence. Our intuitive designs minimize ambiguity around the visualization of dashboards. Our innovative dashboards increase the drill-down capabilities of decision makers.

From sales to social and from executive to supply chain, build your own dashboard and maintain operational performance with user-defined easy to access dashboards. Unveil your performance with the right dashboards.