June 18, 2015

Nirvahak Mobile

Mobile dashboards for Freedom, Speed and Access

The fusion of mobile devices and business intelligence dashboards can yield huge befits for any organization.

We expertise in data management needs of our customers, thus unfolding business innovation through our resources for successful data migration. Business Intelligence through visualization of dashboards accessible through mobiles and tablets. We cope our services with your business needs ensuring scalable and stable system through consistent thrive and support.

Nirvahak tailors individualized solutions that match your core competencies. Nirvahak is a unified suite that integrates any application under a single interface with ease.

Nirvahak Mobile enables faster, just-in-time decision cycles by eliminating the need to request a new report or dashboard from IT. Mobile access delivers a self-service option to assemble and analyze data as needs arise. And this ‘do it yourself’ approach still leverages the existing BI infrastructure, ensuring decisions are made from data that is high-quality, secure, auditable, and governed.

Minimize disruption accessing, aligning, and accelerating your decision making. Access your decision-making data anywhere, and anytime and collaborate with your peers irrespective of role and location, and streamline processes and rapidly minimize disruption. Master our customized dashboards and designs without any training.

Nirvahak Mobile gives organizations the tools to rapidly and easily assemble Business Intelligence solutions in minutes from Nirvahak platform. This gives your decision-makers easy mobile access to the same Real-Time Business Intelligence they have on in their browser, turning their smartphones and tablets into first-class business decision tools.