June 18, 2015

Nirvahak Platform

  • Data Management is supposed to be responsibility of IT team. Don’t spend your time building reports and use multiple softwares to meet different business needs. With Nirvahak you can manage anydata, anytime, anywhere.
  • Don’t worry about maintaining and upgrading servers, we will handle it for you. Built as complete, integrated platform and offered as a Service. Nirvahak delivers on the fundamental promise of the cloud: on-demand, self-service.

    Minimize disruption — Minimize disruption accessing, aligning, and accelerating your decision making. Access your decision-making data anywhere, and anytime and collaborate with your peers irrespective of role and location, and streamline processes and rapidly minimize disruption. Master our customized dashboards and designs without any training.

    Platform as a Service

    Unlike traditional data management tools, Nirvahak supports the full lifecycle: model, load, operate, self service.

    Nirvahak is most trusted platform for its in-build capability to collect data from several sources; combine and use it for predictive analysis.

    Nirvahak Platform enables you to make value-driven decisions by:

  • Understanding the key business goals and objectives
  • Establishing core marketing, sales, and customer service functionalities that helps drive marketing effectiveness
  • Enhancing sales volume and raises the standard of customer service experience in a way that drives profits
  • Focusing on consistent automation and standardization maintaining simplicity
  • One Platform for all your organizational goals.


    There’s a single platform instance across all apps and data hosted on our platform. Every customer gets every feature when it is released with our painful forced migrations.

    Scalable, secure and reliable

    Nirvahak elegantly scales to meet your demand; no more worrying about hardware trade-offs. Rock-solid security provides the peace of mind needed to host sensitive customer data, and proven uptime reliability for the last two years means no angry phone calls.

    Rich App.

    Everything you need to make your business more metrics-driven is built on REST-based APIs and easy-to-consume HTML widgets, from dashboards and reports to report calculations, data model and data integration.