June 17, 2015


If you are involved in distributing software in the Web or offline, join our TSB Corporation Partner Program. The Program is dedicated to resellers who actively integrate software application in offices, small, medium and large businesses and market software through stores. The Program is also addressed to Affiliates, who publish vendor banners on their web sites for potential customers. If you are an Affiliate or Reseller and want to earn money, join TSB Corporation Partner Program now!.
All participants to TSB Corporation Partner Program, both Resellers and Affiliates, can benefit from margins starting from20% up to as much as 50%*! The discounts enjoyed by Resellers and commission rates for Affiliates will match the efforts to market TSB Corporation software – the more products are sold with your aid, the greater the margin will become!
  • TSB Corporation Affiliate programs are based on Advantage and RegNow – affiliate networks and payment processors. This means the publishers can be sure TSB Corporation Affiliate Programs are 100% leakage free.
  • The partners to TSB Corporation Reseller program are provided with marketing tools to effectively resell our solutions along with complimentary copies of our applications.
  • As a partner to our Program you will receive regular Newsletters containing recent news on TSB Corporation applications. They will also carry information on ongoing competitions and marketing campaigns. By actively participating in our campaigns you can raise your margin by additional 15%.
  • You can gain additional 15% to your maximum discount/commission by participating in our regular marketing campaigns and competitions

    If you have any additional questions about the Partner Program, do not hesitate to contact Our Affiliate Manager who is always happy to help you.

    Our Marketing Partner