June 22, 2015

Product Testing

TSB offers embedded or independent testing, for a single application or your entire IT system. Our spectrum of testing services is based on 4 cornerstones: lifecycle model, organization, infrastructure and techniques.

TSB offers embedded or independent testing, for a single application or your entire IT system. Our spectrum of testing services is based on 4 cornerstones: life cycle model, organization, infrastructure and techniques.

We leverage resource knowledge and exceptional experience of TSB Corp. to resolve critical issues that are hindrance to growth. We will provide a combination of process efficiency and accountability to keep organizations on track in achieving specified and set milestones and enabling them to grow stronger with our collaboration and impact.

Testing web applications became vital to ensure excellent user experience without flaws. As there have been consistent changes being made to applications and websites, there has been a significant increase in the number of supported browsers, to resolve this it has become essential to use efficient testing tools to manage and test your web apps.

Internet has now entrenched in our lifestyle. Most significantly because of smartphones. Smartphones and mobile devices have changes how we have been interacting with the Internet and each other. Mobile apps are the dominant part of it, which have now engulfed businesses and organizations. So, it has become fundamental to have a reliable app which gives outstanding user experience. TSB Corporation helps you to achieve this with our expertise in thorough application testing in different OS, Devices, and Hardware.

This highly automated solution combines your in-house capabilities with our specialized testing expertise to:

  • Ensure the predictability of application performance through the use of industry standard testing methodology
  • Implement better quality and development timeframes through reusable test cases and automation expertise Lower costs by leveraging economies of scale and skilled low-cost resources
  • Provide a single point of responsibility for testing and governance of changes carried out by individual suppliers to a multi-supplier applications portfolio
  • For companies that could benefit from aggregating testing across multiple business units, or already have a set of testing guidelines and processes, TSB can help you create a global testing center of excellence. This allows all applications to follow the same streamlined process, enabling you to maintain high quality.

    Our testing professionals with experience and expertise in various verticals of industry help you to accelerate software product development. We understand your needs and align your user requirements with delivery capability. Our testing methodologies reduce the gap between your business and technology demands.

    Our Service Offering

  • Interoperability Testing — The process of testing the compatibility of a software with other technology to provide seamless operations and functionality is known as Interoperability Testing. Our expert testing team provides interoperability testing ensuring seamless and purposeful performance.
  • Functionality Testing — Functionality testing is a testing process confirming the functional requirements of a software aligning with the business requirements. We are proficient in function-based, scenario-based, negative, and long-range testing.
  • Black Box and White Box Testing — Black Box testing is analyzing the functionality of a software against system mechanism confirming client specifications and validating frameworks and object components is called White Box testing. We provide both services seamlessly ensuring objectivity of a particular software.
  • Integration Testing — Detecting interface defects through verifying interaction between components using units of code is called Integration Testing. Through integration testing, we make sure the reliability and performance of a software.
  • Tool based performance Testing — Our specialized tool-based performance testing focuses on specified performance requirements and offers high service excellence levels in short span.
  • Load Testing — Load testing, sometimes referred to as Longevity Testing, examines the behavior of a software in anticipated and unanticipated and intense load conditions.
  • Test Design and automation — Automation testing is an accelerated test cycle methodology which ensure application development in quick time with minimum resource input.