June 17, 2015


Nirvahak Platform

Don’t worry about maintaining and upgrading servers, we will handle it for you. Built as complete, integrated platform and offered as a Service. Nirvahak delivers on the fundamental promise of the cloud: on-demand, self-service.

From a value perspective, Nirvahak brings deep functional and technical capability through which you would be able to understand sales, marketing, and service capabilities to deliver business value through a comprehensive, risk-managed implementation to surpass your customer expectations for quality results.

Nirvahak Platform — an ingenious and interactive data management application creating platform for your apps.

Nirvahak Corporate

Nirvahak brings any innovative approach to every part of the Data Management lifecycle, from dynamic data sources to visually rich apps to interactive dashboards and even a secure collaborative enterprise app.

Unified Interface — Our unified interface accords multilayered organizational structure with deep down analysis ensuring instant drill-down reports. Enhance your information querying and retrieval from heterogeneous sources with our flexible architecture and multiple proprietary protocols. Nirvahak has a unified interface which most of the existing systems have missed the mark to achieve.

Nirvahak Mobile

The fusion of mobile devices and business intelligence dashboards can yield huge befits for any organization.

Nirvahak Mobile enables faster, just-in-time decision cycles by eliminating the need to request a new report or dashboard from IT. Mobile access delivers a self-service option to assemble and analyze data as needs arise. And this ‘do it yourself’ approach still leverages the existing BI infrastructure, ensuring decisions are made from data that is high-quality, secure, auditable, and governed.

"Nirvahak enables employees use mobile devices to do any or all of the following: manage projects and documents, provide customer relationship management, conduct enterprise resource planning, fill out invoices and receipts, accounting vouchers, work orders, purchase orders, etc., and manage corporate calendar and address book."

Zippy Suite

For those looking for an out of the box experience Zippy CMS contains a package of functional templates with Directories, News, Photo Galleries, RSS, Data Entry, Polls and more. With these you'll be up and running no time.